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This is a brand new site. I am brand new to WordPress and also running a blog so it’s going to look choppy for awhile as I learn how to do a lot of this stuff. I’m going to focus on just getting content on for now and spruce it up later.

The critical thing is to get news, science and opinions from doctors and scientists who disagree with the popular perspective on Covid, in front of people as quick as possible.

That is the purpose here, to show you news and opinion that has been kept from you deliberately. Then, you can make up your own mind after having seen both sides of the argument instead of just one side.

For example, the long established science prior to the arrival of Covid-19, demonstrated that masks for the general public either do nothing to help, or so little that it’s not worth the effort, or in some cases, they actually make the situation worse and spread the disease faster. On top of that, there’s direct health issues of reduced O2 intake and increased CO2. This is why some people get headaches and fatigue. Our bodies aren’t designed to handle sudden changes in atmospheric composition, and it causes problems.

The main page has a list of articles and videos. Check the menu for other sections. This will all be gradually filled up, so check back often.

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