Time is running out, please spread the word and take action!

This fix will be “in” if we don’t take drastic action. This is only the beginning of what they have planned.

  • They want masks to be permanent. Fauci also wants people wearing goggles. What’s next? May as well start wearing full SCUBA gear!
  • Restricted movement, cell phone tracking, Chinese style social credit score for being obedient, all coming
  • Forced vaccinations. They say they won’t be forced, but we’ve heard those lies before. Vaxes have already been forced in the U.S. in various states, for kids, for schools, for certain jobs like food service or medical work, etc. Forced vax in the U.S. is not new, it just hasn’t been mandatory for everyone across the board.
  • Continued damaged economy. More lockdowns, more restrictions, it’s all coming.
  • 2nd wave, yes we’ll probably have one, but that doesn’t mean “anti maskers” were wrong. This is a very complex situation, far more complex than they tell you “on the tube”.
  • Contact tracing, door to door blood tests, and ratty neighbors and rat squads, all here and coming.

Imagine people ratting out neighbors, getting the arrested for not wearing a mask on their front lawn, and getting their kids put in foster care. This is already happening. In Australia and New Zealand they are going full Mask Nazi down there, actually arresting people and sending them to detention facilities. One person was sent to a military detention facility.

FEMA camps, (yes they are real), will be used for so called “quarantines”, reeducation, social credit evaluation, parenting evaluation, forced vaccination and chipping (mark of the beast), etc. Once you get camped, you run the risk of losing everything: Your job, home, finances, kids. You will have to lick a lot of boots to get part of your life back, but this time the JBT’s won’t be wearing swastikas: They’ll be wearing American Flags, or, U.N. symbols.

People say, “We won’t let it get that far”……you already did, you’re decades behind the curve. DECADES. And now you’re still on the couch. The Orwellian cabal is getting virtually zero push back. Virtually Zero.

We are the frog in the slowly boiling pot: Current temp: 210 F

Time to Act

What can you do?

  1. Spread these type of info site links to everyone you know. Many people are finicky, busy, resistant, so you can send them individual news and video links instead, things you know that will hook them, or to category pages (once I get them finished)
  2. Go to city council meetings and present established hard science from the big name institutions and inform councils and the people. Expect heavy resistance, including being shouted down, insulted, accused, booted out and possibly even physically attacked.
  3. Mail out newsletters. In my menu, I have two newsletters you can print and mail out or hand out. I will be making more and you can make your own. Email the pdfs too.
  4. Contact your reps and send them both specific provocative articles followed by major Covid news hubs like this one
  5. File law suits, including class action suits:
  • Masks are human rights violation, we have the right to breathe freely without interference as God or Mother Nature intended it
  • Masks interfere with various health conditions, but both gov. and private biz are requiring them which either causes issues for people or forces them to find others to do their shopping for them.
  • Masks are traumatizing kids who are not genetically wired to understand what they are looking at or why. They can’t tell the difference between friend and foe, it upsets them, it’s extra bad for those with mental illness, it will damage psychological development, emotional responses, etc. The list is endless here. Bring in experts
  • Super weak or non existent science backing up social distancing. Don’t be fooled by the “China does it” non sense. Stick with hard science
  • Fauci is pushing goggles….let’s see that hard science, not speculation based on simple mechanics, and just as a minor sidenote, let’s see Fauci wearing those goggles first (no, glasses don’t count)
  • Challenge the official stats, which is super easy to do, and argue that policy based on obviously false stats is a violation of our (insert whatever works here) individual sovereignty, human rights, American rights, workers rights, you name it. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
  • Research law suits already filed and active, learn from them
  • Challenge new fake science vs 75 years of hard science showing masks don’t work
  • Challenge “infection by association” policies like in part of Texas (people put down as infected without any testing because they were around someone infected, but that person may even be a false positive!)
  • Challenge the horendous action of telling someone they have Covid when they actually don’t have it due to false positives. This is a human rights and American rights violation. No one should be told they have a disease unless they actually have it. The personal fallout from this is enormous, and all of us together, it is killing our world!
  • Challenge the PCR testing which the inventor said was not even a test and shouldn’t be used for medical diagnostics!
  • Challenge the idea that the virus came from bats when electron microscope examination shows actual artificial incision points where different viruses were spliced together! If it’s a bioweapon this is a whole different ballgame! Don’t you want to know for sure? It sure as heck didn’t come from BAT SOUP!
  • Challenge the lack of access to known amazing treatments such as the little talked about Budesonide treatment that a Texas doc called a “silver bullet” it works so well
  • 5G connection. Yes, it sounds far fetched but there is some science out there that indicates a connection. (see the menu link). Find out about it now and THEN make a decision; don’t just dismiss it. Did you know that every time there has been a major pandemic, that the EM spectrum saw new technological manipulation?
  • IOW, for every major pandemic, at the same time, the EM spectrum was altered with new frequencies broadcast. The human DNA was not designed to withstand artificial EM radiation. Whenever the EM spectrum has a major shift, lots of people get sick and die. The rest of us survive it, but we still get diseases from it, but because the telecoms and militaries are all in bed with the gov., the truth is kept under wraps. They will not give up EM manipulation without a fight.
  • More to come, WORK FAST

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