Still working on the site / embeds not displaying right

I have to say, I really hate wordpress. I know that’s a shocker, since it’s super popular, which is why I decided to try it, but long ago I used to do my own pages with straight HTML and wysiwyg’s and it was pretty easy for basic pages. This…… a PITA. I have to jump through 10 hoops just to do basic stuff and it takes me a lot longer to do the work, and a lot of things are not intuitive…. /sigh

So, I’m having trouble…again…with embedded links, mainly with just one particular site, so I think maybe it’s an issue on their end, I really don’t know what the problem is, but, the links are still clickable, it’s just not embedding the picture, which makes it kind of ugly and doesn’t have the catchiness of pics.

This problem just started today. I’ve tried deactivating and reactivating an embed plugin to no avail. So that is part of the reason why the site is ugly.

But I am working on other stuff too, like a more standard, fully visible menu with full category list, rather than having everything randomly on one page. This was just to get the site going fast. Then I will be doing 3-5 embeds wide in a table or gallery or something; I have to figure out what will work best there. The embed function does not work automatically with tables but yet copying the HTML over works…… go figure.

I’m seriously regretting going with wordpress, and I may switch back to a regular site at some point.

Anyway, please spread this site link around and THEN go to the site link list in the menu for other sites and look at those and spread those too. My site is not the only covid site, and as I’m struggling with it, it’s not super up to date either. I will be rectifying that though.

The controllers are trying to make all of this permanent and everything else is coming on its’ heals. Mark of the Beast tracking, DNA altering vaccines, cash elimination is being pushed harder now so we’re going cashless. At some point there will be an official government controlled crypto too. Forced vaccines are coming. Just saw an article about reeducation camps in Canada (this was in their parliment…check it out)

An absolute sea of insanity and most people are either promoting it, or asleep on the couch. We’re losing, folks, not winning. We’re losing. Move fast, and push back as hard as you can.

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