Still working to improve the site. PLEASE help spread the word

I can’t stress this enough, this is not just another “thing going on” that will pass. This is a GLOBAL ORWELLIAN POLICE STATE MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW LOCKDOWN and they are going full psycho on us. I NEED your help, and it is so simple right now, just take the link and spread it around.

I know it’s hard to read right now, let me tell you why. I’m an amateur at this stuff for starters. Secondly I have discovered that I HATE WordPress, which is the opposite of what I expected. I wanted to try it because something like 1/3rd of the web’s sites run on it but it takes me SO much longer to do even basic stuff compared to 10-20 years ago when I used to do my own sites in hand coded HTML and also wysiwyg’s.

I am very frustrated with this thing. I will make another post soliciting help on what I want to do and maybe you guys and drop me a line and tell me how to do this stuff.

Also, 10-20 years ago, it was much less of an issue trying to design for both desktop and mobile. I just didn’t think about it. But now, what is half way decent on desktop, at least doable, is total trash on the mobile, so I’m having to take time to learn all this stuff at the same time of updating the site and I am behind on the updates.

I am also not fast, in lousy health and don’t handle stress of any kind well, it slows me to a crawl. Anyway, not only can you help by spreading this link, but go to the link section in the menu and find links you like there and spread those too. Many Covid news sites and general news that covers Covid there and anncelary subjects like vax’s. Thank you.

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