More updates coming today & tonight

I’ve gotten behind again. As always, you can to to the covid link section in the menu and find many other quality news sites that cover covid daily. Keep getting the word out! And thank you for stopping by!

Btw, I should have the main page broken up into several smaller ones tonight with an index, and then I’m going to experiment with switching to the blog format which seems to be the most popular format by far and offers pagination as a default function, where as for regular pages like I have now, pagination has to be done manually and I was unable to find any plugins for regular page pagination.

So, it should start looking better, loading faster, and once I sort out the blog format then it should be easier to read.

Oh btw, I only get an average of about 10-20 hits per day, so spreading my link around is much appreciated. I know it’s a little hard on the eyes right now, but that will change. I am also going to be looking into putting some ads up as I need the income badly.

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