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First let me say that the best way to “donate”, is to share the link of this site with others and to print off copies of the newsletters yourself and mail them around (see menu link to get them). This way you don’t have to worry if your donation will be spent properly.

But donations to me are welcome as well. Currently I have Paypal & will eventually be putting my Crypto addresses up here too.

Donations will go to making printed newsletters, and maybe postcards too, and the related costs involved (printer ink, paper, envelopes, etc), that will get mailed around locally in my town & further out if there’s more money. These will be targeted mailings that will hopefully be very effective. Currently, I am down to the wire on personal money so I can no longer send any out.

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This address is for paypal only, not contact (scroll up for contact info)

I will try to have some other donation methods besides paypal up at some point.

Notes: I realize being an unknown, it might seem a bit ‘early’ or ‘obvious’ to ask for donations right out of the gate, but the bottom line is, this is an extremely time sensitive matter. We are about to enter global lockdown #2 which will destroy most of the economy & the fallout from that will cause mass death far beyond anything this bug could do.

Additionally, the vaccines are now known to be extremely dangerous in many different ways, and the governments are covering up the large numbers of deaths and injuries, and this will continue to grow. There is now talk from some experts that they expect large numbers of the vaxxed to die within 3 years!