Covid News – July 2021 Update – Part 4

Is this what is coming next? It looks like it.

Most people still don’t know how the world works: The psychotic elites tell the people in advance their plans, & because the people are so busy & doped up via TV, fake news, psychotropics & non sense, they don’t understand what they are hearing and so don’t push back against it.

You see, the pandemic was planned years ago & even had a trial run (Event 201), then came the real thing.

Now they “”Predict”” a cyber pandemic. Translation: THEY will be attacking us soon with a cyber assault that will cause massive damage. Will YOU step up to prevent it…..or not? (If you don’t have any expertise, just share these links far & wide)

“Oh, yeah, the vax causes severe damage to the immune system, ho hum, situation normal /yawn “………

Unbelievable. You have to watch this. Do you see what they are doing to us? Treating us like robots, like drones, walking wallets. This is insanity. REJECT the insanity!

This section updated on 7-20-21

I predicted this very thing last fall, & here it is. I’ve also heard about them available on the street. I would also expect police bribes to pick up as well. It’ll be just like in communist regimes, if you got the dough or the connections, you can buy your way around.

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