Covid News – May 2021 Update – Part 5

This section updated 5-15-21 (part 2), catching up on the last week

Curcumin (Tumeric) is widely known as one of “nature’s miracle medicines”. But don’t think this is the only one. Nature offers a wide variety of immune boosting, disease fighting nutrients (see legal disclaimer at end of page)

NOTE: My experience with Dr. Mercola is that he is an excellent source of health info, however, that doesn’t mean I agree on everything & you should Never put all your eggs in one basket. With Covid, truthers routinely disagree on various aspects of the scenario. Please keep that in mind with whatever you read.

Vitamin, mineral, herb & natural nutrient health benefits are routinely suppressed by Big Medicine & the government because they can’t get rich off of healthy people who use medicine that costs thousands of times less than their poisonous junk. Vitamin D is a major foundation for human health, &, it’s dirt cheap (Note: Not all supplements are quality & some contain known or even unlisted toxins, such as some that are made in China – See legal disclaimer at bottom of page.)

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