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Last Updated 5-25-21


Do YOU have THERAGRIPPERS in your mask? Are you BREATHING Theragrippers into your lungs?

Ask yourselves, when there is zero genuine oversight & accountability for medical research & military projects, what exactly is there to stop these “people” from engaging in mass experimentation & mass medication like this?

Answer: Nothing

{ 3 Minute Video }


What is going on with SM-102 & Luciferase, Lipids & Hydrogel ?? What is this stuff, & is any of it in these vaccines?

After you read that, go this link and sift through the videos available on the subject (bitchute vids can take a few minutes to load somtimes)


Women in their 70’s restarting their menstrual cycles – Girls as young as 1 bleeding from their “girl parts”

!! URGENT !! Scientists Warn of Covid Vax Dangers !!!

Demonstrations by some vaccinated people of magnets sticking to injection sites as well as high EMF readings. These discoveries are still very recent & some are questioning if they might be hoaxes, but it should be easy enough to do the magnet test, but most people won’t have an EMF meter.

Many more critical vids below, both short & long, so if you don’t have a lot of time, watch some of the shorter ones

Excellent, eye opening, shocking videos, in the 4-10 minute range

Excellent, eye opening, shocking videos, in the 5-12 minute range

Stunning, long documentaries of the kind you can’t UNsee. Once you go here, there’s no going back to “normal land”. Find out who truly runs the world, what their agenda is, and how you can stop it, but understand, we are in the final phase RIGHT NOW, so don’t waste any more time!

These films are mostly older films. For the latest info, you’ll want to look up articles and videos on “The Great Reset”. I will have some of these posted here soon, or you can just search for them.

Banned dot Video
The Infowars main video site, a daily must-watch

Ban This dot TV
A mirror domain for the site

Free World News dot TV
Another mirror for the site

ALARM! MUST WATCH!Video: 4 Year Old Rushed to Hospital with BACTERIAL infection from Wearing a Mask in St. Louis Missouri

Enraged Doctor speaks about nation wide reports of people getting sick from the masks! Masks prevent the body from expelling viruses and bacteria and result in increased inhalation of these toxic bugs, making people more sick than without them! If God / Nature wanted us to have a flap over our pie-holes he would have given us one!

75 years of PRE Covid science shows that masks do NOT reduce viral infections, & in fact, can make people sick when they otherwise would not get sick. WE ARE BEING LIED TO & MANIPULATED regarding the safety of masks and the entire Covid scenario!

If anyone is wondering why I have so many links to Infowars, it is because I have been listening for 25 years now and they have arguably the best materials on the subject, & they are just very easy to link to. Their articles are typically 2-5 times longer than other sites, and their material goes all the way down to the bottom, the real roots of things, which are absolutely, 100% conspiratorial. This is just the reality of it.

There are plenty of other great sites with text, video and podcasts though, & I will be adding much of that here too. This page is brand new & I need some time to build it up.

Much more to come on this page!

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