Emergency Message

This message last updated 1-9-21 ( minor update at the end on 1-27-21 )

Maximum Red Alert! —- A FULL INTERNET PURGE OF CONSERVATIVES, TRUMP SUPPORTERS, SELECT CHRISTIANS, POLITICAL DISSIDENTS, TRUTHERS, CONSPIRACY THEORISTS, ALTERNATIVE HEALTH PROMOTERS & ANYONE DEEMED TO BE A THREAT TO THE CABAL, is taking place right now. We are being banned off of major platforms, our internet traffic is being throttled and blocked; my personal traffic is down over 90%.

In addition to that, physical violence by Antifa / BLM against these groups have been happening over the last year, & will be increasing. YOU & YOUR FAMILIES ARE NOW UNDER HIGH THREAT! Also, decent minded left wingers & Democrats should NOT ASSUME that they are automatically safe. Many Democrats have been assaulted by Antifa / BLM as well. ALL DECENT MINDED PEACE LOVING PEOPLE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER, DISPITE OUR DIFFERENCES !!!

This is NOT brand new. Over the last few years, the purge has begun, but very slowly. Some people have even lost their bank accounts & other financial mechanisms. Books have been banned & recalled. Written word censorship online has been growing. People have lost their jobs, including doctors from questioning the official Covid-19 narrative.

It really is happening. A FULL COMMUNIST, GLOBALIST, ORWELLIAN TAKE OVER IS UNDERWAY. A REAL COUP BY THE COMMUNISTS…..NOT TRUMP SUPPORTERS! There is also growing video & witness evidence that the U.S. Capitol raid was actually a FALSE FLAG conducted by The Left Wing Radicals. There is much strangeness there, such as video of police allowing people in, strangeness with the military officer who was shot, various intel indicating that Antifa dressed up like Trump supporters during the break in, & more.

You can no longer assume that channels, sites, and content that you rely on will remain online. Much of it has already been removed. You need to 1st DOWNLOAD everything you don’t want to lose. Also make OFFLINE BACKUPS because hackers and government operatives can get past your firewalls wipe your computer as well as plant evidence to frame you if they want. So download all of the informative videos you can, burn them to DVD’s, make multiple copies, and store in & outside the house.

You can also change the file names, encrypt, and upload to large file storage sites and many of them have lots of FREE storage, BUT, just don’t bank on them always keeping your content & don’t count on being able to access it. Burn DVD’s, many copies, print critical info, buy a laminating machine if you can afford it, and make laminated binders full of SURVIVAL INFO, & also TECHNICAL INFO of various kinds. If you can laminate, do the best you can. You can buy packs of sheet protectors that you can slide 2 papers in. These help protect, but they aren’t water proof.

I’m sorry to say, war has arrived. A radical Left Wing coup is taking place, backed by China, & we are headed for a possible full collapse: Prepare for the ELECTRIC GRID GOING DOWN, UTILITIES, GAS, PHONES, WATER shutting down. What will you do when no water comes out of the tap and it’s too dangerous to go to the store for bottled water? Even if it’s safe, the shelves may be empty. Do you have 3-12 months worth of non perishable, ready to eat foods….foods that don’t require hydration?

Emergency services & ALL businesses will shut down in a war. No police, no fire, no ambulance, no pharmacies, no delivery, no groceries, & no way to contact anyone and no way to be safe outside. George Washington’s vision was that of America in Flames. We are here now. Antifa & BLM have been burning major cities for almost a year now & there has been almost no coverage in the major left wing media so most Democrats are totally unaware of it.

Finally, Covid-19 is a gigantic operation on multiple levels. It is a war on humanity. Whether you believe the virus is real or not, the response to it & the effects are THE SAME. The scenario is being used to destroy our bodies, our minds, our children, our freedoms & our way of life. TIME IS NOT SHORT…..TIME IS UP. The power grid can go down AT ANY SECOND……as in, RIGHT NOW! Are you ready? Do you have a way to defend yourself? Do you have a plan to escape the cities if you have to? Do you have a worst case, “check out in peace” plan for you and people you care about?

LAST CALL — Take action now, no more entertainment time. Seconds count. Your lives are on the line. { Watch the emergency message from Mike Adams below! }

UPDATE 1-27-21

Now that Joe Biden has been inaugurated in the U.S., patriots, conservatives, Christians and decent people across the political, philosophical & spiritual spectrum are under direct & indirect threat on a daily basis from a thousand different angles, and it will get exponentially worse.

We must continue to fight the encroachments in the courts, and be prepared for the rapidly growing police state. It is likely that round ups will begin soon, and people will be taken to “re-education camps”, and many will not return.