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Lots of links and stories here. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before you take one of these vaccines!

Once it is IN you, you can’t get it OUT of you! IT’S PERMANENT!

Remember, the U.S. Federal vaccine damage fund has paid out over $5 BILLION dollars since 1982! They haven’t paid all of that money because vaccines are “safe and harmless”….. Think about it!

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Natural News is a great site covering a large number of subjects, however, many truthers have had strong disagreements with some of Mike Adam’s perspective on Covid-19. So, as with everything else, do not lock yourself down into any one position so firmly that you block new truth that you need to see & evaluate.

Always try to review everything that comes your way, & then make up your own mind. Staying flexible is the best way to guarantee that you won’t miss real truth when it comes your way.

Legal disclaimer: The information and links on this site, as well as the site owner’s opinions, are not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. Always seek the advice of a licensed medical professional for your health care, including concerns with Covid-19.