Covid News – February 2021 Update – Part 2

This section updated 1-31-21


A L E R T ! ! !

It’s Beginning

Covid-19 Medical Kidnapping

For decades, “intelligent people” made fun of so called ‘conspiracy theorists’ for predicting this exact future; forced medical detainment at specially built facilities.


Are you still laughing? A mother has her child stripped from her and has ZERO LEGAL RECOURSE over a disease that, when you strip away the lies, bogus stats and bureaucratic manipulation, is no worse than the flu, if not weaker.

People have also laughed at the idea of revolution and civil war, but both of those are just two steps behind the mass kidnapping of society’s children.

Now, I predict that this mother will get her child back “unharmed”, except he will likely be forcibly vaccinated, if not already vaxxed, & medicated. Of course, he may have a severe reaction to the vax, possibly lethal.

He will also be questioned about the family’s private personal affairs, if there is any drug use, firearms, “extremist talk”, etc., and he will be given some kind of training on how to watch for such things and rat out his own parents.

Yes, this is actually happening

And if you think you won’t have it forced on you, well, that’s what they said about everything else.

They used to say,

  • “Masks are voluntary”
  • “Testing is voluntary”
  • “Social Distancing is voluntary”
  • “Quarantining is voluntary”
  • “Vaccines are voluntary”


So, yeah, at some point in time, actual police will hold a gun to your head while a doctor violates your A** with a cotton swab!

Don’t forget, you’ll need frequent testing to be sure! (hint: Just walk bent over from now on )

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