Covid News – January 2021 Update – Part 6

This section updated 1-18-21


Shadow Gate Documentary

This is a “Big Picture” documentary, one of many out there. Covid-19 is just a part of a much larger, and older plan. This doc, and many others like it, are “must watches“. We can never be free without knowing what is really going on. Please watch and share.

{ Ed – This is what we need. Millions and millions of lawsuits, all over the world, because the many tens, if not hundreds of millions of people, like myself, who have legitimate medical exemptions, are being discriminated against and harassed for not wearing masks, and this is why you see almost everyone wearing masks, because they either have to in order to do business, or they can’t deal with the stress of being harassed.

People have gone completely out of their minds with this mask non sense. }

New Travel Ban – 16 January 2021 – “Another day, another press conference. This time the Prime Minister announced the closure of all travel corridors in order to shut out new Covid strains.”

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